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How to use:
1/ Free registration

2/ Create a profile

3/ Register candidates

4/ Collect and analyze results

5/ Purchase points

6/ Channel activity

7/ Promotion code

Registration and use of edestim assessment tool is free and unlimited for the average notation N1 and N2. At first registration make sure to provide a valid email address which will be also used for password rescue and communication with edestim team.

> link to free registration

Starting a recruitment/assessment campaign, you first create a specific profile for the position. Here you can use the standard profile, duplicate an existing one or create a new one and balance all criterias according to your specific rules for the position.

With standard profile, criterias are weighted 1 or -1. As an example if for a position 'intelligence', 'opening to the outside', 'will power' and 'imagination' are most relevant, you will increase the weight of those criterias in a scale 2 to 100. This will be taken into account for the calculation of average notation N2, allowing rapid and more accurate evaluation on a large candidates panel.

It is also possible, per profile, to display or not your logo and/or contact details during the online assessment performed by the candidates.

> link to create profile/position

Next you register candidates by name/reference/comment and link them to a profile. Registration generates an access code (like to be transmitted to the candidate, allowing direct access to the online assessment.

> link to candidate registration

While applicants performs the online test, you can view in live the progression % in control panel. At test completion, edestim automatically calculates the note for each criteria plus the average notations N1/N2, and you can now access average and detailed results. To compare and analyze candidates profile, the control panel allow to sort results by each criteria and/or average notations, in detailed or summary mode, providing a clear picture on those best matching your rules.

> link to results viewer

As the full edestim service is free up to notations N1/N2, points (PT) are required to access the candidates detailed criteria results. PT can be acquired via your billing console by promotion code, payment, or transfer from channel PT into edestim PT. Please refer to 'general conditions' for current values and detailed information.

It make sense for recruitment/assessment campaign to run a free pre-selection based on average notation N2 and next use PT only for the shortlist.

> link to billing console

Channel activity means promote edestim service to other members of your network. Each edestim user can use and benefit from channel activity. New users entering in your channel network gain permanent discount on assessment purchase from about 20%. You will also earn channel PT from about 10% of your generated channel volume, calculated on network rank 1, 2 and 3. You can next transfer those earned channel PT into your edestim PT account or, if the option is activated at first registration, convert it into money as commission fees. Please refer to 'general conditions' for detailed rules.

You can choose to allow or forbid the 'channel payment' option for commission fees at first registration. After registration it will no more be possible to update this option. The purpose is to create accounts for some employees and not allow them to earn money with channel activity. Anyway it will always be possible to convert those channel points into edestim points.

To maintain network confidentiality, your channel console display only the total PT value of your channel network at level 1, 2 and 3 without other detailed information.

> link to channel console

Using a promotion code will credit your edestim account with a defined amount of PT, which can be used next to access candidates detailed criteria.

> link to promotion code

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